Wealth of Heart

When the backhoe was unloaded from the haul truck, I almost forgot that two weeks of diesel and operator fees were still to be found.

Rabu, 10 November 2021 | 08:17 WIB
Wealth of Heart
Backhoe (Foto: dok. Pribadi)

People always think that wealth is what we have. But the real wealth is what we give. And what we give is not always money, but it can also be wisdom, or the courage to make decisions for a good cause. Here's an example.

Yesterday afternoon, I was surprised to receive a photo of a mini backhoe arriving at the Science Village, Cisarua Village, Tegalwaru, Purwakarta. This tool is the dream of the volunteers who are currently struggling to build a center for maggot cultivation and nurseries in a quite remote village on the banks of the Citarum River.

Their dream is, if this program is realized, there will be waste processing carried out by raising maggot animals to crush it, and the results include organic fertilizer which will be used in the nursery program. This is why the two buildings of the maggot and the nursery center were built together.

With very limited initial funding from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the architects were determined to design these two facilities, far exceeding the available funding. It seems that the project principle applied is "money follows the dream". So, the provision of money to finance the program follows what is dreamed of. Building designs are not based on available funds.

Well of course, with these limited funds, realizing your dream requires patience and determination. It must be admitted, there is a feeling of uncertainty in carrying out a program like this, especially when the program includes government funds, and accompanied by a tight deadline for completion.

Imagine, the dream is layered, funds are thin, but time is running out. Yes that's it..

Yesterday, as usual the sweat of the workers dripped, washed away by the drizzle in the afternoon. The turquoise backhoe came in the front of the workers' eyes. It looks small but powerful. In the workers' imagination, tomorrow the work of digging foundation holes, filling ditches, and lifting dozens of iron poles will be so easy to do. This is the tool we've been waiting for to help with a job that's been so hard to do.

For the kindness of the board of directors of Perum Jasa Tirta 2, this tool is here to give hope. Of course, behind all this there is the generosity that I mentioned earlier --- generosity in the form of taking a policy for a good cause. This is what I mean by real wealth. Wealth does not always have to be in the form of giving money, but in the form of decisions.

When the backhoe was unloaded from the haul truck, I almost forgot that two weeks of diesel and operator fees were still to be found. Of course, out-of-pocket costs needs to be provided first while waiting for the "hand of God" to come down to earth.

Hopefully all these efforts are lightened and facilitated. Thanks to Mrs. Indri, Mr. Anton who helped make this event happen. Thanks to Mr. Lili, the Worker Coordinator who has been tireless for three years in overseeing events, including the presence of this powerful tool.

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