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Pada gambar yang diperbesar, ada caption yang memaparkan bahwa ribuan orang "diamankan" (round up) sebelum serangan dimulai.

Sabtu, 12 Maret 2022 | 10:07 WIB
Life majalah

Dari majalah LIFE edisi 11 Agustus 1947 tentang Aksi Polisionel I Belanda 20 Juli 1947. Judul yang tertera adalah "Indonesian Crisis Brings UN Action - Security Council Votes Arbitration When 'Policemen' Act Like Soldiers". Saya posting narasi beritanya sbb:

On July 20 Dutch forces in Indonesia gave Indonesian President Achmed Soekarno a warning that "police action" was about to commence. Half an hour later they began combined land, sea and air operations to occupy all of Sumatra and Java. The Dutch charged that the Indonesians, who are scheduled to assume their independence in 1949 under the terms of an agreement reached last year, are now unable to maintain order and that the lives and property of Dutch nationals are therefore endangered. Soekarno's government answered that the Dutch are attempting to "recolonialize" Indonesia, which from the 17th Century to the time of the Japanese occupation in 1942 was a rich segment of the Netherlands empire.

After rounding up thousands of Indonesian Nationalists (opposite) on the eve of fighting, Dutch troops launched a lightning campaign which in 11 days overran most of the islands' strategic centers.

Some (below, right) were destroyed by the Indonesians "scorched earth" tactics, but most were taken over with little bloodshed because the Indonesians are disorganized and poorly equipped, being armed for the most part with weapons captured or stolen a few years ago from the Japanese. The U.N. however, stepped in three days short of the time in which Dutch leaders estimated they would complete their campaign with the capture of Jogjakarta, Nationalists' capital (map below). On August 1 the Security Council, on the recommendation of Australia, voted 8 to 0 to demand that both sides cease hostilities immediately and submit their dispute to arbitration. Great Britain, France and Belgium, the three colonial powers on the council, abstained from voting. At week's end hostilities in Indonesia had abated. Both sides indicated that they were willing to turn for arbitration to the U.S., which has no empire but is now the dominant nation in the Pacific.

Pada gambar yang diperbesar, ada caption yang memaparkan bahwa ribuan orang "diamankan" (round up) sebelum serangan dimulai. Sejumlah orang adalah lasykar yang sudah berpengalaman perang, tapi ada juga remaja seperti pada foto itu.